Some photos to enjoy

A map of Indonesia

Ani with happy customers

Peter with happy customers

Ani Gareth and Genet in the kitchen

Ani wearing Indonesian costume

A Javanese mask

Sadly passed away in 2010 a month before Ani had a stroke

Millie our dog for 16 years. RIP

Ani with Randy Jackson (Jackson Five) at the Garuda.

Ani with a famous celebrity

Inside the Garuda (empty)

Ani with her brother and Niece

Ani with her 2 nieces and Millie

Prambanan a Hindu Temple in Java

Tanah Lot Temple in Bali

Borobudur Temple in Java

Another view of Borobudur

A wedding in Sumatra

It was Ani's niece Riris who was getting married.

Ani and Peter at a wedding in Java

Ani and Peter with a family visit to Sumatra

Ani and Peter at Buckingham Palace

Ani Peter and niece at IKEA in Jakarta

Ani on beach in Anyer, West Java

Food for a family gathering at our home

Party time at the Garuda!

Another party